The Heinz Tröber GmbH & Co. KG offers you the easiest way possible to select and distribute your products. Therefore, we offer you interactive leaf catalogues and downloadable PDF files as a free service. We cordially invite you to browse through our three big catalogues and to get inspired.

At your request we could personalize our catalogues with your logo and a neutral link. This tailor-made catalogue is a special service for you in order to simplify the order processing with your own customers. Just ask your personal contact in our company or use the general Contact (Link).
Lighters & Promotional Services

Lighters & Promotional Services

The digital browser catalogue Lighters & Promotional Services has a great variety of lighters and smoking accessories as well as various finishing options. Here you will find selected promotional items from first-class plastic lighters to noble metal lighters as well as ashtrays and souvenirs.

  • Plastic lighters
  • Electronic lighters
  • Flint lighters
  • Metal lighters
  • Ashtrays
  • Souvenirs
  • Finishing methods

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World of Promotion

World of Promotion

In this digital browser catalogue World of Promotion you will find one of the World greatest assortments for promotional items. Here you can always find the suitable promotional item for any occasion and at an overwhelming availability.

  • Season promotional items
  • Technic promotional products
  • Bags & suitcases
  • Textile products
  • Sport items
  • Hygienical products
  • Tools
  • and a great lot more...

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Premium Gifts

Premium Gifts

Our digital browser catalogue Premium Gifts presents promotional items to meet highest demands. The promotional items does convince through exceptional quality and reliability as well as modern and attactive designs.

  • Writing items
  • Promotional items for children
  • Umbrellas
  • Keyholders
  • Stationery
  • Promotional products made of cork
  • Promotional products make of Bamboo
  • and a great lot more...
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Tröber Lighters & Promotional Services

Festival Lighters

The special, digital browser catalogue Festival Lighters offers you the whole label variety, as well as more informations about the festival lighter. The catalog shows you the entire label variety, as well as more information about the lighter-cracker of the year. Thanks to continuously changing label series, they will delight their customers with the latest trends..

  • Neon colors
  • Comic motivs
  • Cannabis motivs
  • Grafical motivs
  • Summer motivs
  • and a great lot more...
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Tröber World of Promotion

Myon Collection Line

Pipes and cigars have always shaped the smoking culture. Discover the entire variety of high-quality accessories from the Myon brand and enjoy the hand-picked selection - especially for your most demanding customers.

  • Table lighters
  • Cigar cutter & piercer
  • Pipes
  • Humidors
  • Gift sets
  • And much more...
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