Printable promotional products - it's that easy


All printable promotional items can be found in the main menu under "Promotion"

Step 1

  • Use the "with finishing" and "without finishing"
    buttons to switch the print configurator on or off.
  • Optional: For components in a set, select the
    component to be refined.
  • Several components can be refined one after another.

Step 2

  • Using the switch, activate the finishing method that
    is best for your purposes.
  • For information on the available finishing methods,
    click the „Info-Icon“.

Step 3

  • Click on a check-box to mark the print position of your choice.
  • Click on the picture icon or „View“ to open the positioning image.
  • Choose the number of colors needed for your finishing method.
  • Select the dimensions for the print position.
  • Several print positions can be configured one after
    another by following the previous steps.

Step 4

  • Save your configuration by clicking on the blue checkmark.
  • For components in a set, you can continue with the next
    component after saving.

Step 5

  • Enter your desired quantity in the field.

  • Afterwards you can download your personal offer for the finished article.
  • You can also send the offer directly to the sales team. (See button "Submit request")
  • This way we get your desired options in advance and can contact you immediately
    to discuss how to proceed.
  • Attach a logo to your request as a reference by clicking on "upload logo"